Pedrosa to Paqui

De Pedrosa para Paqui

A veces pasan cosas insospechadas y te dan una sorpresa, but when is a child is much more endearing.

Just a year ago, Paqui Herraez, a girl who runs Minimotos the Cradle of Champions, had a serious accident whenPaqui Vila trained with other children to prepare his first race of the championship where he had gotten a semibeca organization.

One Saturday in many, of those who are going with parents to roll on its own, he dropped the bike on top of a larger child and broke his tibia and fibula.

The girl was in plaster and went home with a sick note, to the next visit to the orthopedist, he was told he had to be operated and put needles to heal the tear better, because it will affect the growth if it were not so.

At the moment, Paqui began to mourn and was advised to leave the bikes that have a lot of injuries and motorcycling was not a sport for girls.

She cried, but this time with rage, not understand how they were saying stuff.

There are sports girls or boys said, and I want to be like Dani Pedrosa and I want to run with Dani someday, told his mother.

Her mother understands that the girl herself before television when there are races, it is time and to see their idol Dani Pedrosa, both liked Dani, that when you fall, it gets to mourn, he went to his room and even eat Chagrin.

Paqui y PedrosaSomeone told Dani that the girl was in a wheelchair and wearing very bad, because although retracted, it's a girl very restless.

Dani received the news while participating in one of the races of the world, He was very interested in the girl and recorded a video giving encouragement to be recovered soon and fight to re-run, la invitó a pasar verlo en el mundial de MotoGP de Valencia.

He prepared everything in the circuit of the Valencian community, came the girl accompanied her mother and brother Julio, approached her wheelchair in front of the screen and "Surprise", Dani Pedrosa was there talking and saying that they would soon, the girl did was incredulous, put a face to know he was thinking.

Is Dani!!!!!! Mom's Dani Pedrosa.

That detail you will never forget Vila Paqui Rubio and why not, algún día se hace su sueño realidad y coinciden en las parrillas de MotoGP porque en este mundo NO HAY NADA IMPOSIBLE, an SI?

Carmen Lopez


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