Daniela Guillen slashing the podium in Spain Motocross Championship

Daniela Guillen roza el podio en el Campeonato de España de Motocross

The only female pilot MX65 category, Daniela Guillen, he finished fifth in the first race and fourth, fighting in podium, in the second. Jana Sanchez won in MX150.

The Circuit de Las Arenas in Valverde del Camino was the scene to contest the second round of Motocross Championship Spain.

This event welcomes two female pilots struggling as sole representatives in different categories, Daniela Guillen in MX65 and Jana Sanchez in MX150, who this weekend was unrivaled in its category and the win.

Daniela Guillen began to shine. The Catalan got the fifth fastest time in timed Saturday in the first round and fought that day repeated with a fifth place, but improving their times when the circuit more complicated, something that showed Sunday, when heavy rain and after he missed the exit, was placed third podium position and, where is his second race in a national. At the end of an error in a quagmire led her to fourth place, running out of podium, but making it clear that Daniela comes to win. At the end of the computation of their results gave him fifth position.

The next weekend is released internationally in the European Championship Motocross, in Slovenia, which will also be the only female representative.

Daniela Guillen: "The track is great. We have not done a good outputs, but I am very happy with the result. Have rolled on podium gives me extra motivation to know that I can be there. Now I have really wanted to Slovenia ".

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