Daniela Guillen in the top ten European motocross championship

Daniela Guillen en el top ten del campeonato europeo de motocross

The promising young motocross, Daniela Guillen, debuted at the European Championship with eighth place.

City Population, Slovenia, was the setting for the launch of small categories for European motocross, championship in which only involves a Female pilot, jovencísima Daniela Guillen, who fights with other boys in the category of EMX65.

Started the championship and international projection Daniela. Very motivated for this new challenge, Catalan won the seventh fastest time in the day timed. Once in career, he sinned in the output, which earned him ninth in race. In race, despite good or initiated, managed to fix finishing sixth and closing its first international race with eighth position.

Lo Daniela It is obvious, missing kilometers to improve their weaknesses, because it makes up talent.

His next race is in less than a week in the French championship.

Daniela Guillen: "I am very happy, whole weekend went very well, I scored good times. In the race I have not gone well and recover positions has been complicated, since in this circuit is very difficult to overtake. I better prepare outputs and exercise more. It's been great, I've had a great time with my teammates ".

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