Daniela Guillen debuted in Spain Motocross Championship

Daniela Guillen debutó en el Campeonato de España de Motocross

The Catalan, only 9 years old, seventh and fifth in his debut was in the national, despite their status and recent influenza radius fracture.

This weekend the ban was opened to the smallest category Motocross Championship Spain, MX65.

The novelty, He arrived with the inscription that was the only Female pilot the contest, Daniela Guillen, motocross rider who already takes a couple of years highlighting Catalunya and certainly, He will be talking on the national scene.

Daniela sparsely fractured radius month ago, further, Little arrived with a bout of flu, so it was cautious, by whatever name, and who got the fifth best time in the timed from a total of 38 pilots. At the Races, like a professional pilot and experienced it were, sought the best strategy thinking about his diminished arm and his weak physical condition because of the flu, leaving aside some jumps and doing his best in the ruts and straight. A strategy that went smoothly, since saved the test with seventh and fifth place, in the respective sleeves, being seventh in the computation of both.

Eager to see what they can do this little genius of motocross in the next round of national, which will take place in Valverde del Camino on 21 and 22 March.

Daniela Guillen: "I really enjoyed seeing so many riders together. The jumps were very cool, but I was not well for them as I like, espero encontrarme mejor en la próxima”.

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