Daniela Elizalde, a young eager

Daniela Elizalde, una joven con muchas ganas

Daniela Elizalde is a Uruguayan settled for eight years in Estepona. This young man of only fifteen currently participating in the championship Andalusian speed 80 c.c.

Daniela, like many young girls he found his love of motorcycles when his father, lover of motorcycles, he gave his brother a motorcycle battery, Daniela bike which could not be resisitir. Soon his brother started competing in minibikes and it was at that moment that the Uruguayan, at eleven, he felt the desire to compete.

It began in the minimotos, Like his brother and two years later, was found for the first time with Aprilia 80 DC converter ready for competition, this bike was the basis of learning since shortly after he came a Metrakit, you would use for your workouts.

So, Daniela found the proposition of his father to play the second half of CAV, proposition which he accepted with a lot of enthusiasm and desire. The first race got left in fifth place, but unfortunately, in the next race could live the hardest part of motorcycling.

“It was a September 4th year 2009, we were in Monteblanco (Huelva) and since the first contact with the track I got no feel comfortable. At checkout I was very delayed and I started to push hard to regain positions. Even in the first round, when another driver ahead, I saw it suddenly crossed in front of me and I went down, since both my tires and my brakes were not even temperature and it was impossible to save the fall”

Daniela suffered a serious injury that kept him away from competition for six months, but his youth and his passion for the sport led him to continue to have the same desire to ride the bike and compete.

Last weekend the CAV held at Jerez, Daniela race that finished sixth, with the result that was not very happy, but now I just think the next test will take place in Monteblanco the 9 and 10 October.

From here rows Daniela, fight for what you want, Cheers, sorrows, achievements and disappointments will accompany you on your way, must learn from everything that happens to you and above all we must not surrender, we need more girls like you. Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Published 5/10/2010

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