Dalila Hidalgo validates the title Champion of Argentina in Motocross Féminas

Dalila Hidalgo revalida el título de Campeona de Argentina en Motocross Féminas

Current Motocross Champion Argentina Féminas, Dalila Hidalgo, it rises again with the title after the suspension of the final round of championship.

The last test of the Argentine national motocross was held last weekend in Zárate, but previously suffered torrential rains left completely impassable roads that lead to the circuit, so the race was canceled and the championship was terminated.

With this situation, Delilah was proclaimed Motocross Champion Argentina Féminas in MX A, for the second year, with thirteen points ahead of his pursuer Melina Bretillot, having won seven of the ten races held.

At 29 years old Delilah is a reference to the female motorcycling Argentina. Of Mendoza spent ten years in the sport, where he started in the enduro to devote entirely after the motocross.

Dalila Hidalgo: “I am very happy to renew the title, but also to see how it grows championship, we were the only Latin American country that lacked a female category and it is obvious that it was necessary. What's highlight this year is all the people I've met who have helped me move forward”.

Female Motorcycle

Photos: Marcelo Roux; RAW (front)

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