When a hobby becomes passion

Cuando un hobby se convierte en pasión

Cristina Benedict is a Valencian fourteen fond of motorsport.

Todo empezó hace seis años cuando en un polígono vio a unos chicos divirtiéndose con sus minimotos. The pupils were dilated and her desire to have invaded her. His father, sin objeciones le compró una minimoto refrigerada por aire de color naranja. Cristina's used and enjoyed for a year as it was some time after his bike away.

Actualmente tiene una Polini 910 y siempre que puede se desplaza a los diferentes circuitos de su población, always accompanies his father, mechanical manager. There he meets with his friends and having great time.

The Valencian dreams of someday compete. I talked to her asked if she had fallen sometime and he had felt, to which he replied:

“I thought I had to go back to get on the bike and go faster”

Clearly, has attitude champion.

Published 23/12/2010

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