Difficult weekend for Andrea Sibaja

Andrea_Sibaja_MH2012_TabernasLast weekend was held at the Circuit de Tabernas the penultimate round of the Copa Motor Hispania. Despite the time I happened this weekend in Almeria, the race could play normally.

Timed and the race was jointly held the same Sunday. Andrea was strong in the first lap, con una pista totalmente encharcada conseguía situarse momentáneamente en sexta posición, but eventually would come from ninth place.

The Cordoba performed a good start and rolled with the group during the first laps, but began to lose pace and fall behind. Possibly the cancellation by the temporary, de los libres del sábado hizo mella en una piloto poco experimentada como ella, because perhaps needed more shooting to be able to be with the group. Finally crossed in ninth and penultimate position.

Andrea is in seventh place overall in the absence of a career, will be next 27 and 28 October in Jerez.

Andrea Sibaja: I started well, We have reached the first corner ahead Group even two or three braking. He estado enganchada al grupo durante las primeras vueltas y de seguir así I could have continued to advance any position but, although the bike worked quite well, I could not keep up, por lo que el grupo se me despegó and I could not do anything but take the rest of the race as a training see the sensations of the bike. I want to thank everyone who supported me and believed in me.

Published 04/10/2012

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