CEV Albacete: Martin intelligent, Román devastating and colossal Forés

CEV Albacete: Martín inteligente, Román demoledor y Forés colosal

The winners of this weekend in the CEV Championship in Albacete were, Adrián Martín, Román Ramos and Xavi Fores, the latter doubly

After the holiday period, Circuito de Albacete has been commissioned to celebrate the fourth test CEV.

In the small category, Andrea Migno managed to be the fastest timed and exit from the first place on the grid, accompanied him Schouten and Navarrese. Once off the lights, was Navarrese leader who stood and pulled the group virtually all race. While, Martin, Medina and Migno they fought for second and third place until Martin decided to take command of the race on the last lap, thus being the first to the checkered flag. Second was Navarrese and third Medina. Luca Marini, brother Valentino Rossi debuted in the CEV and made a superb 7th place. In the women category, only Maria Herrera crossed the finish line, so in 13th place

Adrián Martín: After all the work done during the weekend, Victory is the best reward. It has been a long race, did not pass the turns. I decided to stay behind, as it was comfortable and wait for the final attack.

In Moto2, Romanian Ramos He had starred in a timed for record, getting out from the pole position. Chichester and Gómez closed the front row. After the race the Spaniard made no mistake and made a solo career, crossing the finish line with almost seven seconds ahead of Syahrin second coming, followed by Smith, returning to CEV replacing the injured Dani Rivas. Elena Rosell I was forced to speak more problems with the front brake.

Romanian Ramos: The truth is that we have escaped fast, but it's been a pretty tough race because it's hard to stay focused and then with folded over yet. Fortunately there has been a hitch and they let me go pretty well.

Stock Extreme this weekend was facing sprint double. Fores, just as Romanian lo había hecho en Moto2, set the pace from the first day of practice. The Valencian escaped on both sleeves and leader leaves Albacete. On the podium accompanied him Morales and Silva.

Xavi Fores: In the first race we have not made a good start. The first two laps were difficult, but once I passed Iván I managed to set my pace and take the victory. The second was tougher because we had been 20 round up. This time we have gone well and set the pace from the start. It was a great weekend and are good points for the championship, but I prefer to think of every race.

The next round of CEV will take place on 20,21 and 22 September in the Circuito de Navarra.

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Photos: CEV Repsol

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