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Las hermanas Van Buren, las primeras mujeres moteras Leave a comment Read more »

The sisters Van Buren, the first female biker

The Augusta and Adeline Van Buren sisters listed as the first female biker, by daring to cross the United States motorcycle, in 1916. A year before had done Avis and Effie Hotchkiss, mother and daughter, y Della Crewe, pero estas fueron en sidercar.

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Sally Halterman

In 1937 Sally Halterman records entered history as the first woman to get a motorcycle license. Although it is satisfied that since the early twentieth century, women began to enjoy the use of the motorcycle, no hubo legalidad

El viaje más largo por tierra firme por Alicia Sornosa Leave a comment Read more »

The longest journey mainland by Alicia Sornosa

In 2014 met 400 years since the Keicho Embassy traveled from Japan to Spain, so I thought it was a good time to try to get from Spain to Japan. The 3 de agosto de este año salí junto con los amigos de Héroes