Love letter to Valentina, by Alex

Carta de amor a Valentina, por Alex

Since we needed before we even know. I had fallen… Continually looking at his picture on my desk, I spent the day thinking about it… He dreamed of having it. I worked tirelessly carrying with me a miniature to remind me why I did… by it. And 1 October 2008… Valentina said yes.

Two years have passed since then and every time I look, I still feel that twinge in my stomach. Each time the boot and goes alone progressively speed, feel how he smiles mischievously and invited me to go with her. I'm still discovering myself admiring myself spellbound for hours, watching the sun reflects its vibrant metallic color and how it can look like even more beautiful when it is hidden and dark of night gives him this imposing and elegant blue dress that is not repeated in any other.

To many it may seem ridiculous… perhaps sickly. It is a motorcycle, they say. But for me it's much more than that; He is my partner. With it I have done the most exciting trips, unexpected friendships most valuable and had the most rewarding feelings of my life. Always present in the background without asking anything in return. Is it or not a story of unconditional love without measure?

And now we go to the reasons why I noticed it and no other. Many defend the functionality when buying a bike but, perhaps even with the irrational twenty, I guided by instinct and pure attraction. On the surface, the physical was decisive, I did not like any other: the finish of your sporty look, the harmony of its elegant escape under the tail and, definitely, his unique electrifying Color. In the practical, within the category, advantage gained by its height and breadth, generally antagonistic qualities they need girls looking saddle. But… is that not the case with my 1'85 tall.

Besides platonic my decision, I soon realized that there were also successful in other. The zx6r 2008 (same model 2007) is a very nervous bike with a pointed engine that needs to go very revolutionized. Touch the throttle grip is immediate, the engine responds forcefully and kick from 12000 it is addictive, a real wild bull, something that does not happen in other models of other brands more linear and progressive, perhaps most loyal and tameable but, do want to tell you, I come from a single cylinder trail, I'm attracted to motorcycles with character and personality.

The change of course was remarkable, starting with the power and torque and following the posture. But the truth is that I expected much worse and, despite my height and being accustomed to a completely different position, to my surprise, I adapted seguida. Not accused Wrist pain, or legs, something back to top, by the more radical but after doing many miles, the truth is that the trips are not anything to me uncomfortable. It takes worst with this type of bike urban use, when a jam and need to use much the clutch, just enough left shoulder aching, It gets very hot as evident and spin maneuver handlebars is more restricted than in a high handlebars, much more advisable to bypass traffic.

As for its characteristics of series, it shows the league that is a bike designed from design to the circuit, something to keep in mind when deciding. Evidenced by the significantly lagging in other models footrests R, the laptimer series and the absence of warning, for example, in the play of light, something that manufacturers are incorporating other brands in previous models 2008 and is not the case of the Ninja.

An interesting at the same quirky detail and it would, to find any, the only fault I would polish factory in the model of the year (because it happens in other) is the kickstand, excessive and dangerously long for use in street. It seems silly but seeing it from the rear, especially if you compare it with any other beside, the steepness of the bike leg set is almost nil, remaining practically straight. This hinders their stability on slopes and can cause a shock, as was the case recently launched, when almost generate a domino effect that, fortunately, just stayed in a warning for the future. To avoid, besides carefully choose the site and parking guidance, I always leave the first default in gear. It is also possible to shorten the leg and resoldarla, something that, moment, I do not have much confidence.

And while we speak of legs, of gaffes, advice: factory technical specifications exist for something and leave them to experts experiments. In my case, the error was in mounting a rear tire of a different measure, an 190 instead of 180. Theoretically grip was older and bla, browse, browse… I left advice from a person who should understand the issue but, safely, took advantage of my ignorance on this subject can liquidate a set of wheels that had there. Without drama, because it really does not matter shout, in fact I'm still with that game, but I'm looking to spend and return to the original measure. Then I realized that the 190 is designed for something for 1000 and a 600 the curve becomes dull precisely for that larger area (what, certainly, even in circuit'll get to finish the flanks however much effort you make, something that frustrated me because with the 180 did no problem and no reason emparanoié me about my apparent setback. Eventually I fell why it was) Further, to be designed for a different developments somehow "tricks" the bike, lose speed and agility, besides taking Bookmark Error. This sounds very logical now, clear…

Well, after this parenthesis, and following the thread, I will say that the master cylinder has a very good feel and no surprises, something that seems to give more problems in her older sister zx10r. In benjamina, however, Therefore you ask, both da, and even in the strongest hurry is fatigue, thanks to the slipper clutch is possible to reduce more than one gear at a time without culée. It has an agile and obedient brake by pressing the handle slightly.

On the issue of maintenance, I will not cheat, have a sport bike is expensive. Not only by insurance (especially if you're young), if you intend not give attention to the exigencies of the house each 6000 Km. what, in my case, are each too little but, once you get into this maelstrom so attractive, you inevitably end up sinning with attractive and nothing cheap extras, as Akrapovich precious carbon intensive husky voice that announces the arrival of Valentina or all implied sweets that come when you listen to your circuitera nature and drag you to her. There you are lost. But… what the hell, are you happy.

As a finishing touch I will say that, regardless of their character enervated, Valentina is surpassingly Noble. In the two years we've been together has always responded with a note to unforeseen, scares and all kinds of weather conditions that have made us the hard way, sometimes, very difficult. But not a single mechanical problem or any type, perhaps aided by continued use makes is ever alert, ready to go.

A love story… Maybe you think I'm crazy, perhaps I exaggerate… but the truth is that I keep seeing each day with the illusion of first…

Published 11/09/2010

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