Carla Calderer, “My goal is to run in the World”

Carla Calderer, "Mi meta es correr en el Mundial"

Runners-world trial by teams 2008 and six times in Spain, this one 2010 represents a rotation of 180 degrees in the career of Carla, has decided to change the lycra for leather and expertise of the trial by the speed of CEV, although its goal goes beyond: run, at least, proof of MotoGP. Hence all summer, Last autumn and winter has alternate your workouts on track with the practice of supermotard.

SoloMoto: How can you meet so soon after your official debut in the CEV?

Carla Calderer: Well ... after the bad taste that left me behind Montmelo ... Truth, eager to debut while many nerves. It will be my first official race and that like it or not impose.

SM: Weekend complicated to Montmelo.

CC: Yes. I had very bad luck and everything went wrong at the first hurdle, because in the free I suffered a drop in curvón and because of her I was not able to debut at home. I felt an enormous impotence and rage.

SM: Only you could shoot six laps on Friday. What were your feelings?

CC: First impressions were very positive, frankly, especially because it was my first contact with the Moto2 in a large circuit.

SM: Your Moto2 little or nothing to do with the Montesa-HRC that pilotabas on your last seasons in the World Championship Trials for Féminas.

CC: We all know that have nothing to do a trial bike with a Moto2. (Laughter). I think I'm adapting well to this new bike.

SM: What is what is costing you learn more specialty? And what less?

CC: The truth, everything is costing me a lot. It is true that the fact of the trial will come easy things like touching gas, but there is much to learn. Technically it is a complex specialty and with little or very little to do with raising or lowering stones. As for the least ... I would say the roll in steadily. It took him quite well.

SM: As transition from trial areas asphalt circuits you have been practicing supermotard.

CC: This is. During the first few months I've been practicing a lot supermotard, since in the speed can not train every day like I used to when I was trialera. The supermotard, in this case, it is more affordable and it's a fun discipline and going to be taking great feeling with asphalt.

SM: How has that been sharing copper track and beat you with more drivers.

CC: I am a pilot with little experience in the world of speed, so I still have a lot to learn from other drivers on the grid. I admit that I found it a little strange sharing track with more people since you are alone in the trial. At best your backpacking, but you're the only person inside the area on a bike.

SM: Why speed and no other mode?

CC: Because I had always drawn attention. Well after trying it ... I can say it is an indescribable feeling; Notes things that other modes do not feel. It's the adrenaline! (Laughter).

SM: Why and why CEV Moto2?

CC: The CEV is a championship in which you learn a lot, and certainly critical to someday the World, so ... What better championship formarme? As for the choice of Moto2 ... Along with my agent and Edu Blanch Pau Xarau, the person who has opted for my, thought it was the best category in which he could take the first steps.

SM: Laia Sanz, whom you know, has opted to try his luck in Dakar.

CC: The truth is that Laia many years has this project in mind and know what is being prepared very thoroughly to make next year's Dakar. From here I deso luck in your adventure.

SM: Your goal is to participate in the World wildcard.

CC: The goal is to do well in the CEV to win the right to end this year.

SM: You'll agree that's a strong bet for someone with so little experience.

CC: I do not deny. Yes, I know it's a very difficult goal for now, but I think with a job well done after a full season to learn and improve ... why not?

SM: In the CEV you participate with Montserrat Costa, in 125GP, and Elena Rosell, en Stock Extreme.

CC: It is very positive that there is at least one girl in each category. I wish there were more.

SM: Were you able to talk to them?

CC: A Elena Rossell I met last year in a training in Montmelo, whereas with Montse I met three weeks ago at scrutineering. But I have not yet had the opportunity to have a little chat with them.

SM: The three're making history in the CEV. You are pioneers.

CC: Yes, Do not? (Laughter) But I guess they, like me, considered a group. Sincerely, I do not see special, since I'm doing and do the same thing that other pilots.

SM: Do you think racing bikes are too 'masculinized'?

CC: I guess they are 'masculinized' about everything around the great spectacle of jet itself, but if we are gradually incorporating us into this world smaller things will change.

SM: The FIM is betting big on the girls. And to show its new campaign starring Laia Sanz, Livia Lancelot y Leslie Porterfield.

CC: Yes. The FIM is betting big and really think this will make more and more girls dare to enter this discipline and other specialties of the bike.

SM: With the amount of fond bike there, and the thousands of conducting on their bikes, Why do you think no more women pilots?

CC: No you going to believe, but one thing I often ask myself. And honestly I can not find a logical answer. I guess for fear of the unknown; face-is a sport that has always been 'Boy' ... I do not know.

SM: What makes you closer targets for this 2010?

CC: Ir aprendiendo carrera tras carrera, through experience, and if possible try to catch points.

Published 16/05/2010


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