Carla Calderer, the first woman to participate in Moto2 in the CEV

Carla Calderer, la primera mujer en participar en la categoría de Moto2 en el CEV

The manchego layout dawn with unfavorable weather conditions, wind, the cold and the rain became the protagonists of the day because the race Moto2, was postponed to dispute after StockExtreme, when the third round is already turned.

Carla debuted today in his first competition of speed and did it out from the back of the grid, because yesterday his best time was 1.40, while leaving him nine seconds of Carmelo Morales, who finally took pole. The fact that Carla has left the last of the insurance grill that has generated much excitement, but during the race has been able to demonstrate that their level is above a row.

As I mentioned above after departure and three laps in which Carla had already managed to overtake positions, the race is postponed, then departing from the position 24, thus gaining nine seats. The first laps rolled to 1.42 But getting back to back progressed in turning his lap nine (1.39). The last laps were made difficult even going to score 1.44, but still crossed the finish line in the same position as in the second grill (24) and only 1″ Kev Coghlan was the test winner.

“I am very pleased with the result obtained in my debut, until today was a dream to participate in the Championship of Spain of speed and now I can say that every time I feel a little more pilot”. These were the words of Carla Calderer to reach the box, also thanking all people and the media that carry support from the pilot announced his change of discipline at the Speed ​​Trial.

Carla now has battled media pressure of being a woman in sports in which reigns male presence, against the nerves to debut in a new discipline, against rain and against thirty-two pilots more. For all this, I have to say THANK CARLA, thanks for being there and fight for your dreams, the dream of all, in Jerez more and better.

Published 9/05/2010

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