Laia Sanz good start in Dakar

Buen arranque de Laia Sanz en el Dakar

Brake dust pilots that preceded the starting order, pilot KH-7 has had to overtake a few bikes to finish in the 35 first. Regarding the first day last year, women's champion has improved 40 positions.

Good start Dakar to Laia Sanz what, in the first stage of the rally, has completed a "very positive" 35th position, as he described the pilot KH-7. Riding a Honda CRF450 Rally, Sanz He has covered the 809 km between Rosario and San Luis without a hitch and an encouraging result.

The winner of the women's trophy Dakar 2h has invested 42'04 "in 180 timed kilometers of this special inaugural, significantly longer than that of the last edition, where he finished in 75th place, 40 rearmost seats this time.

Tomorrow the second stage will be held, between San Luis and San Rafael, and with the first differentiated by type of vehicle layout. The bikes will 724 miles in total, of which 359 will be timed.

Laia Sanz: I have a good feeling on the bike and my strategy for these early days is to be consistent, but without risking the least. Among the 35 put first things a little easier than last year because I did not find much dust as then. Today, for example, started back a little because I have a high dorsal and the first I've seen a bit hampered by other participants. I would've taken it in stride because it is the first day, but I finally decided to bring forward a few because it had swallowed a lot of dust.

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