Brno, another hard struggle Ana Carrasco

The pilot of Team Calvo starred once again one of those comebacks to which we are accustomed, ending at the twenty-third position.

The Grand Prix motorcycle racing again this weekend, tirelessly, a Europa. The new scenario for Mother was the Circuito de Brno, where the pilot managed to make a good workout on Friday and be in a good position in the table, but on Saturday his companions managed to take a step forward and she could only improve the recording of the previous day in tenth, why started from the thirtieth position.

The race was complicated greatly, during the first half rolled Bagnaia fighting for the twenty-ninth, rolling almost five seconds of the predecessor, Murcia but suddenly began to find his rhythm and close the gap to contact the group, from there, turn to turn improved their position and finally saw the checkered flag twenty third.

Ana Carrasco: The end result is not what you wanted, but twenty-third is not bad for how we have come and how was the beginning of the race. I did not feel very comfortable with the bike and could not take the line, but mid-career, less gasoline, I started to improve my pace and overtaking drivers front group. I'm angry because Sundays always go back many positions, so we have to improve on Saturdays, because it is clear that with the pace that we would race in points regularly

Published 26/08/2013

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Photographer: David Clares

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