Beryl Swain, the pioneer in MotoGP

Beryl Swain, la pionera en MotoGP

In 1962 Beryl Swain made history as the first woman to participate in a test of the World Championship and be the first to finish a Grand Prix career.

From professional secretary, Beryl started in the world of motorcycles after marrying in 1952 con Eddie Swain, owns a bike shop. His passion for motorcycling grew rapidly and soon became involved in racing at Brands Hatch and Snetterton, where he found his site in the category of 50cc.

She was ambitious and a pilot with a bright future, worthy of having a career as a pilot. Beryl Swain began to set itself the goal of becoming one of the great female figures in the world of racing, but unfortunately he was born at the wrong time.

Their big day came in 1962. Beryl formed grill in the TT Isle of Man, proof that belonged to World Championship at that time. He did on a Italian Black 50cc 22nd and finalized a total of 25 participants. That experience had just hook it to the world of competition and shortly after crossing the finish line, announced that it was already thought of returning the following year.

The participation of female pilot was not well received by many, including END, who revoked his international license claiming it was a dangerous sport for women. A decision that did away with all dreams and illusions Beryl. He tried to enlist the help of Lieutenant Governor and, despite gather a lot of support for their cause, his license was never restored.

Their resistance was admirable. Swain was a woman ahead of her time, who fought against the odds for their right to do what he liked, motorcycle racing.

After an unsuccessful protest hung the monkey.

Just a decade later women were competing again in the TT and perhaps the pioneering efforts of Beryl, somehow, They paved the way. Although he was unsuccessful in breaking down barriers to herself, you could say that laid the foundation for the rest of female pilots. This added to have become the first woman to participate and end a World Cup race made it his goal to be a leader in women's motorcycling come true, although it was not the way she would have liked.

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