Beatriz Neila: "I'll train fully, if it leaves the possibility, be prepared "

Beatriz Neila: “Voy a entrenar al máximo, por si sale la posibilidad, estar preparada”

Beatriz Neila today tells us how his debut in the national speed. A championship which finished sixth and despite its good performance, just over a month after the start of the season, is no budget, or equipment.

MF: What feelings you had in your first year in large circuit?

BN: The feeling was very good. Have rolled in the World Cup circuit has been amazing. In these plots all I found giant, especially when wearing the smallest bike everything slows down relative to a karting circuit. It gives you more time to think about the traced, braking and race strategy.

MF: What you think you have improved?

BN: Mostly I've improved braking, since in these plots rival bikes are much advantage of the slipstream and on reaching the curve have to make an effort to keep your position.

MF: What circuit is the one you like best?

BN: The circuits have liked more I have been Jerez and Cheste because it is where I had my best results and most comfortable I've felt inside track. Although all circuits have their great charm.

MF: What career you stay?

BN: Me quedo con la carrera de Motorland que tras sufrir en la salida una subida de tensión que me provocó una hemorragia nasal, I left the last position and lift up the 5 position.

MF: How do you value your time at the Cup of Spain?

BN: The statement has been very positive, as I have learned a lot in the developments of the races and let me know in my riding style to others.

MF: What do you think about the championship?

BN: I believe that this championship is the most important to get started in the competition. It is as close to professional level.

MF: What are your plans for the 2015?

BN: I'd run in the Championship of Spain of Speed, en la categoría PreMoto3 para coger mucha experiencia y prepárame para dar el salto a Moto3 Junior, but the fact is that right now, nor do we budget, or equipment, but not I think be me sitting, I will train the maximum, if it leaves the possibility to be prepared.

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