Beatriz Neila podium at the Leonine Castilian Championship

Beatriz Neila sube al podio en el Campeonato Castellano Leonés

The Madrid goes up to the third step of the podium in the third round of Castilian Leonés Championship category MiniGP 140

Last weekend was played in the third test circuit FK1 the Castilian Leonés Championship. A total of fourteen pilots were grilled, five of them in the category of MiniGP 140.

Beatriz in timed erred, thinking that two time trials were conducted, He took it in stride, to learn the racing line, without fetching time, but at the end he communicated that there was only a time and depart from eighth place overall, fifth of its category.

In the first race, made a good start and in the second round, and marching in second position where he shot throughout the race. Activity line in that position, junto a un grupo de cuatro pilotos y a rueda del líder.

In the second race, se colocó cuarta, but the predecessor pilot cap and made him the leading group escaped. So Bea stayed behind to study it and moved all in the last corner of the last lap and went right, and which earned him the position and finished fourth.

So, Beatriz Neila gets his first podium in the category of MiniGP in Castilian Leonés. His next race is the 16 June in the Cradle of Champions Karpetania.

Beatriz Neila: I am very happy, podium has been a great experience. The bike runs great and I felt very comfortable.

Published 04/06/2013

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