Beatriz Neila gets off the podium for a fall

Beatriz Neila se queda fuera del podio por una caída

Madrid is dropped two corners from the finish and stays off the podium.

This weekend is a disputed the fourth round of Castilian Leonés Championship at the Circuit de Karpetania.

Beatriz Neila after having reached the podium in the previous race. The pilot managed to qualify seventh on the grid, a total of 20 pilots, six members of his 140cc category MiniGP.

In both races he got a good start and placed fifth overall, third MiniGP, in the first rolled entire career closing the group and finished in the same position. In the second race with just two laps to finish earned the position and placed second, but made a mistake two corners before entering goal and went to the ground, inconsequential, as he returned to the track and could finish eighth overall, fifth of its category.

In this championship is up to the podium with the outcome of the second set, Shame. Bea is already proving it's worth.

Beatriz Neila: I take a bittersweet. On the one hand happy because every time I go out on the track I improve my time and that means they do best, but otherwise have stayed off the podium for the fall I feel a little disappointed.

Beatriz also participated in a career Minimotard who fought that day, He finished fourth in twenty drivers. This category had also pointed Sara Román, who approached the circuit just to train and ended up signing.

Sara started from tenth on the grid. In the first race, had problems with the carburetor drain and stayed behind in grill, rodó detrás del grupo toda la carrera y acabó decimocuarta. For the second run, an oversight at the time of formation of grill, It took five drivers to start from the pit line, Madrid but not wrinkled and made a great comeback, exceeding a total of twenty pilots and finishing ninth.

Sara Romanian: I arrived on Saturday with the intention of training, but I eventually I ended up enrolling in the race. I would've been fine, especially in the second race with so much overtaking, but I wont play this tournament, I want to focus on Minimotos.

Both have run again this weekend Beatriz, Cradle of Champions in Zuera and Sara, Castilian Leonés in Kotar.

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