Beatriz Neila gets a fantastic fifth place in the Cradle of Champions

Beatriz Neila consigue un fantástica quinta plaza en la Cuna de Campeones

The female category of MiniGP140cc in the Cradle of Champions made a perfect race. Rocio Gomez one of the girls from the category of Minimotos desmotró a great pilot.

The Cradle of Champions this weekend was transferred to the Circuit de Alcalá del Río. A total of 17 pilots were grilled, of which 8 belonged to the category of 140cc MiniGP.

Beatriz Neila's career appeared as eighth overall. From Madrid got from tenth place overall.

In the first race was on a good start and in the fourth lap and stood fourth. From then rolled leading the second group throughout the race, as the group head was escaped. Beatriz much fought to defend the position, but on the last lap he saw ahead and crossed the finish line fifth in its class.

The second race was somewhat unfortunate. In Ecuador career when going for fifth place, marching sixth, engine broke and stay out of the race.

The next weekend to his next race will take place at the Circuit de Mora d'Ebre faces

Beatriz Neila: It was a shame not to finish the second round, but I'm very happy, I fought and I had so much fun. It's my first season in this category and being so forward motivates me for the next races.

A Rocio Gomez played him fight a chunky 26 pilots, 14 belonging to the category. The pilot started from fifteenth place overall.

In the early laps of the first race was able to maintain the position and the momentum took her to the group fighting for sixth place. A few laps to finish a folded the disturbed and forward, finally finished eighth in its class.

In the second race made a good start that placed eighth and spent her career fighting to maintain position, but eventually finished ninth.

Rocio Gomez: I am very happy, I am applying what I learned last year, especially try not to get nervous, because race but then I lock.

Published 20/05/2013

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