Beatriz Neila becoming more comfortable time in the Cradle of Champions

Beatriz Neila cada vez más cómoda en la Cuna de Campeones

Madrid gets a fifth and sixth place in the Circuit Karpetania.

Este fin de semana se disputaba sexta prueba de la Cuna de Campeones.

Beatriz was classified from seventh on the grid for. In the first race he made a good start and the first lap was already fifth, position where filmed entire stroke comfortably.

For the second run, output also ran well and left sixth, but on this occasion he was fighting for fifth place until when four laps for the fine,l decided not to push, as they began to notice the wear of the rear tire and secured sixth.

Beatriz Neila: I had a good feeling with the bike. I am very happy because I am improving my own time more than a second and learning a lot, share grill very fast riders and it makes me improve.

The next weekend, Beatriz back onto the bike to contest the third round of Leonés Castilian Championship held at the circuit Karpetania.

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