Beatriz Neila to the podium

Beatriz Neila a las puertas del podio

Beatriz finished the first race of the season getting fifth and fourth in the respective sleeves.

Beatriz Neila is a young pilot ten years, This year will participate in the Castilian-Leonese Championship and the Cradle of Champions in the category of MiniGP 140.

Madrid started in the world of motorcycles two years ago. Like the vast majority of females, the motor racing bug you came seeing their parents would give him a bike to his brother.

These two years have been making runs sporadically and has even been able to live the hardest part of this sport, Falls. Beatriz was three months without getting on your bike, a fall fractured his right ankle. Undoubtedly the biggest proof that this little mood to make war.

This weekend the first round of Castilian-Leonese Championship was played at the circuit Kartpetania. Bea formed grille with three different categories, MiniGP his 140cc, 110cc and 160cc MiniGP. The race consisted of two sleeves.

In the timed took fifth place, séptima de la general de un total de 21 pilots. In the first quarter sleeves rolled with the lead group, but the absence of a lap to go, was advanced and crossed the finish line in fifth position. For the second race secured fourth place goes to the podium.

His next race 7 April, Cradle of Champions in Albaida.

Published 01/04/2013

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