Opinion article; Elena and her foray into the world

Artículo de opinión; Elena y su incursión en el mundial

Now that everything is calm and I feel more relaxed with this whole issue, I want to give my opinion of what happened since about little less than a month, in relation to Elena Rosell and its share in world.

The news broke on Friday, 17/06, just two days before the race the CEV in Montmelo and only one week of the date scheduled for the debut of the pilot. I echoed the news through mobile facebook, I just could not believe, Elena in the world, At last!!. That news that so long was looking forward to reading, was planted in my eyes, for with a mixture of ephemeral words give me the joy of the day, I say the day, Week, of the month or even the year. Everything went very quickly, the news spread through the social network as if gunpowder in a Valencian fireworks they were. I was over excited, the next day would see Elena in the CEV and could talk to her about all this with a little more calm, a calm that was really absent during this fleeting dream, that for a moment I thought I was becoming a nightmare. At all times I was aware that the Marketing had a lot to do with it, but I did not mind me, Elena had his chance and in any way whatsoever, had to take advantage. It came from the hand of Aspar Team and motorbike injured Julian Simon. The scenario, Assen, although it had also agreed to run in Mugello. At that time all were praised Mr.. Martinez Aspar, for the help that he was giving the pilot, something that would become a double-edged sword. “Elena is coming from Valencia and Bancaja, is a pilot who is getting great results and deserves this opportunity” declared the ex-pilot

From my point of view either objective or subjective, something which in this case gives me quite the same, Elena is ready to participate in a global, but the truth is that the challenge was complicated, very complicated. An unknown category was facing, a bike that would not make even one meter before free, a difficult circuit, to fight the best, to media pressure and endless things that probably I do not know.

On Saturday at half past eight arrived at Montmelo, Sandra Jones left the track at nine for the first timed, then happen to see Ana Carrasco, as it was the next. Came the turn of Elena, when I saw, me soprendí, wearing on his head a red cap that clashed with green-black of his box and the laying with white letters MAPFRE. It was clear, that weekend all major media moved to the circuit, Elena was on everyone's lips and had to get cut. To my surprise that even a camera Tele 5 was in the box of the Valencian.

The burden that he was palpable in the room, so between the three, it, Eva Blanquez “Particular on Uccio” and, we specify that you would encounter in the afternoon at the party that gave the Kawasaki Ninja because of their 25 racing. There I did a short interview and once saved the pen and paper, I could enjoy a private convesación her most interesting. He made clear that for her, what mattered was particularly enjoy and learn all you can. And that's what we expected most, come out to race and enjoy, and anyone who thought to bring a winning bike, was obliged to make a good result, is a “flipado”. The Ducati Desmosedici is a winning bike (Stoner 2007) and takes nine times world champion….. a good listener few words suffice.

Arrived Friday practice, that being Assen are Thursday. Turned on the tv and if the challenge was complicated, to make matters worse, rained on the Dutch track. Were two crashes that Elena had until it was determined that there was oil on the track. Free Valencia were canceled and faced the timed, having made few km to the Suter. The destination was putting things difficult….

On Friday I left for France, had, of doing day break with some friends and I could not defer. From France you can not watch the races from rtve and also timed grabbed me in full trip. So, my sainted mother stood in front of the tv for retransmitirme the event via SMS, “Thanks mama, You're the best”. In Assen turned to rain, to 12:12 got the message, “Elena Fall, they take it to the mobile unit”, could it be, tanta mala suerte junta. “Elena sólo se queja de un poco de dolor en la rodilla”. I knew the second timed resulted in the 15:05, It was almost 15:15 and my mother did not say anything. “Sale a pista?” asked, “He is waiting for you repair the bike”. How Come?, Are you telling me that after three hours, Jorge Martinez Aspar, head of three teams and possibly more mechanical man has at his disposal in the paddock, has not repaired the bike?. Here goes something, this may not be.

As I was turned on my netbook and I connected to wifi hotel and the intimacy that I could find in a room for three, I let my feelings flow, Photo of Elena crying, probably rage and impotence, doused my eyes, unable to keep the tears from my face recorrieran, I decided not read a single article. There was still a ray of light in everything, Mugello.

I already had prepared my trip to Mugello to give my full support, but midweek Mr.. Aspar made some statements indicating that Elena would not go to Mugello. Why Jorge?, Why do not you fixed the bike Elena?, Why did you steal the opportunity to shoot at Mugello?, I believed in you, because I thought you believed in it, but your attitude shows this in the end if it will be just pure marketing as the professionals say, Elena is a broken toy.

On Thursday received the news that Elena had a meeting in which they had agreed to continue to have it, but had to wait to see the official statement saying. This appeared on Friday, but the statement was ambiguous, because if a collaboration is confirmed, but without specifying.

On Saturday I arrived in Mugello and chatting with Ernest, agree that what happened with Elena was very ugly and unusual in Aspar. So the question is triggered while the timed happened Moto2. Jorge confirmed before the cameras of TVE Elena's participation in the GP of Aragon, something both the commentator of the world like me, again made us change our perspective on the matter.

It was there, where listening to the comments of Angel Nieto, Alex Crivillé and Ernest Riveras, my head understood the attitude of Mr. Aspar. The bike does not know under, because he realized that what he was asking Elena was very complicated, in the same way to go Mugello, it would not resolve anything and rectify is wise, although half the world is you take over. For the record, I just said this is a proper conclusion and that at no time has been confirmed by o one member of Team Aspar. What the pilot needs is to roll the bike and that invite a Spanish GP in familiar layout, which is normal. And that is committed Aspar and I thank you and I apologize for not believing in him.

After all this fuss, CEV again this past weekend. Maybe it's the result of coincidence or the result of much rage for wanting to prove his worth, but what I am sure is that the experience acquired Elena on their way through the world has a lot to do with who yesterday climbed the podium for the first time in the category of StockExtreme as the winner of private teams, something that becomes the first woman to get this in the championship.

And they lived happily ever after…..

Published 17/07/2011

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Photos: J. Manuel González Tamajón and Emilio Pérez de Rozas

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