Andrea Sibaja and Motorhispania RX125R

Andrea Sibaja y su MotorHispania RX125R

Last Sunday was held at the circuit of Guadix the first training Motor Hispania Cup. The event was beginning early in the morning with a lot of nervous guys ride the bike will be his season, of Motor Spain RX125R, developed by Luis Castro, Córdoba responsible Heritage, team that will participate in the Cup with the Andalusian pilot, Andrea Sibaja.

Andrea came to the circuit invaded by nerves and waiting to events that would live, but the short touchdown made the Cordovan nerves were left in the box, nerves became anxious to get back on track.

It's time, this time it was serious, had half an hour to roll with his new sidekick and the pilot took it seriously, improving his times each time I crossed the finish line. For Andrea everything was new, Never before has ridden a bike with similar characteristics and circuit these dimensions, since the Cordovan comes from pitbike.

“I loved , I felt as if it had been made for me, my measure , en un día de pocas pruebas logré ir mucho mejor que con la pitbikes en mucho tiempo. Tengo muchas ganas de empezar a entrenar mucho y mejorar mis tiempos para estar fuerte de cara al comienzo de la temporada. Quiero agradecer a Luís, my family, my friends and all the people who support me, this possible. Thanks for helping me realize my dream”

At the end of the day Luis Castro made the following statements:

“We basically worked, in suspensions and enhance the engine, and adapt some components from the world of street racing. For this, hemos realizado multitud de pruebas en el banco de potencia y ahora tocaba la hora de la verdad en circuito. All the guys who have tried have ended delighted”

Andrea, waiting impatiently staring and thinking immersed in what will be his first race in the Cup, cup of opportunity, the Copa Motor Spain.

Published 17/03/2011

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