Andrea Sibaja ends his first race getting a ninth position

Andrea Sibaja termina su primera carrera consiguiendo una novena posición

The last June was played at the Almeria circuit Taverns, the second round of the Copa Motorhipania. Andrea came to a completely new circuit for her, so spent Friday practice to learn the track and apply the tips that Córdoba Heritage had given. The pilot was lowering his times dramatically, training him was perfect to suit the circuit, there was some misfortune with the bike, because the radiator was broken, but nothing that could not be solved.

Saturday was not able to lose time on Friday, being its best record in 2.17, time gave the final spot. The Cordoba had to find the key points of the circuit where you can lose your time, therefore with his team, worked all afternoon on that, visualizing walk the path. A job that gave great and fast results, since in the warm up with just four laps, dropped three seconds, something that made the race pilot feel more confident face.

Once off the lights, choke is output again. The second march was hooked and this made him to stay far away from the group. The Cordoba gritted his teeth, began to roll in 2.12, came to the group and passed them, crossing the finish line in ninth place and getting seven points which place it in last place in the standings with only one point the pilot that precedes it. Andrea Thus ended the first sprint of his life.

Shame, had it not been for the bad start could have fought for seventh place. Se puede decir que el fin de semana no ha ido mal, coming from a fall without knowing the circuit it was important to get points. With the experience we have gained in these two races, coupled with training that will take place in Jerez, I am sure that for the next race at the track September, we will be able to be later. I want to thank the whole team offering help me.Also to the people around me, helping me in one way or another, my family, my parents and my friends”

Andrea mood, keep it up, this is the way.

Published 28/07/2011

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