Andrea Sibaja suffers a fall in his Cup debut Motorhispania

Andrea Sibaja sufre una caída en su debut en la Copa Motorhispania

The Cordoba Andrea Sibaja his first career faced a couple of weeks, newcomer dispute the Motorhispania Cup, Championship which also premiered in the circuit of Guadix. On Thursday received the news of the cancellation of Friday practice, something that caused more excitement in the pilot.

Come Saturday, nerves did not cease, played ride the bike for the first time trial, advised by his crew chief, Luis Castro, He took to the track and only in the second round, Andrea managed to shoot in their heyday, finalizing the clock in fifth place.

Hemos conseguido coger el ritmo desde la segunda vuelta y además he bajado tres segundos mi tiempo. I felt better than ever, I am very happy

En el siguiente crono, Cordoba Heritage, decided to make changes to the bike, to find the ideal set for Andrea, but these changes were successful, so the team decided to prepare the bike for the warm-up, con las configuraciones del primer crono. Finalmente salió desde la sexta plaza de la parrilla

Sunday dawned and with it came the moment that Andrea has always wanted, his first race, acompañada de familiares y amigos que en todo momento le mostraban su apoyo. El warm up fue la forma de comprobar si se había vuelto correctamente a la configuración inicial. Everything was about, the bike ready, the traffic light turned green, Andrea dressed and helmet since, cuando los nervios la superaron y empezó a llorar. El calor de los que la rodeaban la tranquilizó, he got on the bike and looked for his place on the grid.

The Cup was beginning Motorhispania, Andrea was making his first start, their lack of experience made it look relegated to last place. Elapsed a few laps, waving the red flag due to an accident and all returned to the box. Five minutes turned to open the pit lane, they all came from the same position and the race eight laps remaining. The Cordoba took advantage of the second chance well and performed an outlet that allowed him to maintain his position, but to shift gears, is entered and will not fall behind again. Andrea regained positions, standing in eighth place, where he maintained a constant struggle with the pilot who preceded him, overtaking were continuous, until it's missing two turns, when the other driver rolled in front of her, he made a mistake and fell, Andrea was so close to his wheel that was impossible to avoid falling.

The pilot of Córdoba Heritage, He got up quickly and ran to his bike, seeing that he could not continue was to check the status of the other driver, once he was told it was fine, Andrea was aware that there had finished his career and his eyes tear hinundaron, tears of rage, since the pilot suffered an injury and had not even felt pain.

After visiting several hospitals, even with tears coursing her cheeks diagnosed a cervical sprain and several bruises on the shoulder and elbow. Andrea is already better and just think getting on the bike.

“I'm better, slowly I can juggle the neck, this has only given me more strength to continue. I want to thank everyone who is supporting me, family, people, the team and the pilot, although I know he did not wanting me has presented his apologies. Now all I want is to recover to give everything in the next race”

Andrea mood, Recover and give the handle.

Published 06/06/2011

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