Andrea Sibaja stars a great race in Jerez

Andrea Sibaja protagoniza una gran carrera en Jerez

The Motorhispania Cup held last weekend the third round of the World Cup championship in Jerez. Andrea Sibaja came to the test with great enthusiasm. On Friday practice, Cordoba Heritage, would have just 20 my. to get the bike ready, because race direction was forced to reduce schedules for the great participation that had the Andalusian Speed ​​Championship. Something a bit complicated life to the team because in the few laps that gave the pilot encountered tire problems, Cordoba still managed to lower its own register, something announcing that being all right could make a good race.

On Saturday, after a good teamwork, Andrea getting a time of 2'22 allowing him from seventh on the grid.

“We have overcome the problems of yesterday, this allowed me to greatly improve my times. The sensations are very good, I feel strong for the race”

This time, the first set would dispute the same Saturday. Sibaja could not make a good start and was soon relegated to the last positions. The pilot struggled to reach ninth place, where would dispute an intense fight with another pilot for that to be done with the eighth position even going to cross the finish line together. Andrea entered after, but a somewhat dirty maneuver in the finishing straight, with checkered flag, by the other pilot would make the federation decided that the Cordoba eighth place will stay.

For the second run, and on Sundays, worked on the gearbox, and that was the reason that Andrea had problems at the start. Something that paid off as the pilot made a good start and much of the race found himself fighting for third place in a group of six riders. Overtaking were constant, friction between fairings made Sibaja lost some positions that easily recovered to get back into the fight. He finished sixth race with a best time of 2'20.3 ​​down two seconds registration.

It was a great race, the bike worked perfectly and I could enjoy lots of overtaking me of experience serving. I went very quickly and that makes me happy, because I see results of my work and effort. Today the podium was not far”

This result is in the tenth general, level on points with the previous pilot. Surely Andrea progressing admirably and still has much to say in this championship.

Published 24/09/2011

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