Andrea Sibaja: “In 2015 we would like to be present at national level”

Andrea Sibaja: "En 2015 nos gustaría estar presentes a nivel nacional"

The new Champion Series Andalusia 600 radiant and feels stronger than ever. Andrea tells us in this interview his future plans and how was the way to be crowned champion.

MF: Andrea, Champion of Andalusia! How do you feel?

AS: Very Happy, It is indescribable. I'm still impressed with the great reception that is taking this result in all media, something you are doing that I still tasted more. Since Monday we are working hard and stronger than ever because we know that is the best time to introduce new projects and seek new opportunities, to be eligible to take this step we want to give the next season as a championship and level.

MF: It is clear that age, him of being World Champion is not available, but four years ago, when you started Did you ever imagine that you could be Champion of Andalusia?

AS: No, I did not imagine I could get this, but always thought and hoped he could enjoy something like what I'm living right now, It was a dream for me. From the beginning, I always knew that this sport and this world in which I am now immersed is very difficult. We have reached this point without imagining it and who knows how far we can get within four years. What is clear is that it is time to fight harder to keep climbing championship, level, and overcome every challenge we put in front.

MF: You came to fulfill the dream of racing thanks to Luis Castro and his Box77, they who have accompanied you on this path. How is your relationship with the team?

AS: The relationship from day one has been very close, are a family. Further, experience and professionalism that has Luis and equipment, after so many years of competition, It has taught me a lot. They have been with me in everything I needed and have struggled to find a niche in the sport. Your help and unconditional support has been key to continue here. It is a pleasure to work with them, because they know how to treat you when you have a good day or a bad day and it's awesome to share with them in this special way your experiences!. This complicity and each of the team members have been instrumental in achieving this title and my progression along this time.

MF: Let's look back. I remember that December 2010 when did you get for the first time on a bike speed, the 125 Cup of Motor Hispania. What do you remember your first experience?

AS: I remember how much I liked and illusion given off, but also the difficulty and lack of experience I noticed I. Until then I had only gone a few times a pitbike. At that moment I realized that as much as you like, you must work to improve and adapt. Had they lost time. Ultimately, that day I was hooked even more to the world of motorcycling.

MF: How were those two years in the Motor Hispania Cup?

AS: They were very difficult. My first race ended in the hospital two months forced break for plasters (wrist) and collar, because I threw another pilot. To this we must add more falls, technical problems with complicated moto, one single brand same category with low capacity motorcycles, where I was the biggest and fought with pilots who had much more experience than me. It was not all bad, I really fought races, I especially remember the last race with this bike disputé, finishing second. En esos dos años aprendí mucho sobre aspectos técnicos, sporting and economic sport, and without them nothing would be the same. Going through the Cup has shaped us as team structure and me as pilot. It was a time of fundamental and vital learning to continue.

MF: In 2013 did the change of displacement. From the beginning you feel comfortable with 600cc or you had to work hard to make it?

AS: Nothing climb it felt something special, I felt very comfortable, I loved, felt and feel it is my bike. A race bike, Faster, a large braking. It was a process of adaptation, since changing a 125cc four-stroke 600cc motorcycle. is brutal. Luis Castro's experience in this displacement has been my best tool, He has shown me the way to go. There is still much to learn, but the feeling that I have control, feel that when we left the track are a, I amuse myself, when I fall I become stronger, all that is unbeatable. I think not only this year we have taken a big step forward but there is still a good time going to go with this displacement.

MF: In two seasons, Champion of Andalusia How was the tour?

AS: The first season was fully adaptive, know the bike, learn the change in the drawn, the reactions of the bike and also learn why you fall, and falling, and physically prepare, etc… I finished fourth in the Championship of Andalusia, luchando y subiendo al podio en alguna ocasión. In the second, we continued learning, as disputing a regional, with seasons with very few careers, not enough time to too. A change in attitude, Why no one? and a new chip in our heads by the amazing work by the team from day one, always looking to improve both the points where the bike as me, we took a big step forward from the previous training at the beginning of the season. Superar esos momentos de las carreras en las que yo me solía bloquear y poner demasiado nerviosa, feel stronger and more competitive, is the obviousness of growth and maturation I achieved both as a driver and as a person, and no better reward than we have brought the championship home.

MF: What is your best memory?

AS: I have great memories of the season, but before getting the championship would say the two races held in Taverns in August this year, where I got two second positions, in one with fastest lap. I could have fought to win not failed in the output, but were disputadísimas races where we had control over rivals, about the race and the championship. Have been the two best races we've had these four seasons. But after this weekend, the memory that will always arrival at the park closed and the image of the entire team hugging, in tears, placing one on the hull and the fairing of the bike, the reception at the box minutes later where I was surrounded by a lot of people and I clapped, They shouted and mantearon. Momentos are indescribable.

MF: Now more important: 2015? ¿Projects, ideas? Will we see in the Championship of Spain?

AS: Well now we take this good time to work harder than ever and knock on the door for new sponsors and new projects. Since Monday we are doing a great job with the media and looking for new challenges. In 2015 we would like to be present at national level. We have not yet clear which option will continue, we need a little more time to settle all economically and watch the budget that we, but we may have the Kawasaki Z Cup, a championship in which we could fight for a good position and it is part of a national. The other option would keep us in the same category but always looking for new options nationwide. What is clear is that we will welcome the option to see more feasible and more appropriate to continue this upward trend, always thinking that once obtained a title, we revalidate more complicated challenges.

MF Is there something you want to add?

AS: I simply want to name all the sponsors who support me forever and which have been incorporated. A Deza trust me forever, the City of Córdoba, the IMD, the Council of Cordoba, Shiro and a myriad of brands and companies that in one way or another help me as no, propagáis the media that all our deeds helping to disseminate our work, especially as long heart, a Female Motorcycle is there from day one.

Female Motorcycle

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