Andrea Sibaja fulfill his dream by Luis Castro

Andrea Sibaja cumplirá su sueño junto a Luis Castro

At ten he had his first minimoto, a chopper, una moto a la que le sacó el máximo partido hasta que le llegará la edad permitida para conducir un ciclomotor, That was when his father gave him a scooter.

“The picked up to go to the lounge to the bedroom”

Two years later, after working hard some summers in his father's bar, se sacó el carnet A1 y el mismo día de su cumpleaños fue a recoger la ya mítica Yamaha YZF125. She has had many experiences with his bike, which still retains a deep affection.

“Everyone found it strange that could take”.

La pasión de Andrea crecía por días y lo único que había en su cabeza eran motos y más motos “I'd give anything for just try”. Así que su padre se puso a buscar la forma de poder hacer feliz a su hija y después de muchos intentos, the opportunity came, Andrea would be able to conduct a pit bike in the eyes of Luis Castro, propietario y jefe técnico del BOX77. Fue en el circuito de Campillos, Cordoba is there presented with his pit bike to show what he could do, I was very nervous had never raced in a circuit.

“I was more nervous than ever, did not have a stomach bug had a rattlesnake. I started to roll and I felt very comfortable, but I also felt super happy, everything was great”

After a few more encounters with Luis Castro, the decision to contest the final two races Minibike Trophy Andaluz Supermotard Pit bike and took. Before his first race pilot trained hard and had his first major fall.

“In this sport is normal and if this is the price I have to pay, I'm willing, more will be happy falling, that would mean I'm doing what I want most in the world

Already in his first race he managed to get on the third step of the podium and the second ended in fifth place, a result with which the young man was not happy. That same day he had the opportunity to test the RX125R, bike that will contest the manufacturer cup of Motorhispania, a motorcycle with which Andrea is very happy and excited. The pilot is performing intense physical training to adapt to the weights of the MH.

Andrea is fulfilling his dream thanks to the efforts and tenacity of his father and the support of Luis Castro, but in this world the effort and work are not enough. Córdoba, awake!, Andrea has come with more energy than ever and needs your support.

Published 8/12/10

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