Ana Carrasco and his struggle in the world, German GP

Ana Carrasco y su lucha en el mundial, GP de Alemania

Carrasco ended in twenty-fourth position in a hotly contested race.

This weekend was raced the 8th round of the World Championship and the last before the summer break for the category of Moto3. The scenario, circuit Sachsenring.

To Mother we could say that we have reached the championship Ecuador, because the small category does not travel to Laguna Seca. At this point being, we can analyze his career.

Murcia has proven race by race, that has potential. Featured on great fights in the tail groups and in most races, It is always who pulls this group, Ana and Saturday but do not get along.

Always makes good workouts Friday, mark a time that carry almost half of the table, but on Saturday the progression of his fellow grill becomes much more noticeable and take out old time. This weekend started twenty-ninth. Sure that evolution itself Ana got there on a Friday to Saturday and leave a better position, the rate we would have seen more than once, on television because his career is not, but I see quite another race that is transmitted, I I see the whole race through the chrono online, I say that Ana goes to fight tooth and nail, that you fight in groups of seven eight pilots and that they are just removing off, but it is so much effort and time spent on it, that the points are already far and truth, points are already the least, I firmly believe that Ana needs to have a good Saturday, perform a timed that makes it shine in career, have a grid position that you breath and the breath of fresh air that push to be ahead and that offers a touch of positivism to feel his whole fight's worth. It is true that touches learn, it certainly is the first year, but has the heart of a champion Ana, Ana need results, Ana does not conform to learn.

I wish that day comes, not to prove anything to anyone, but to give a dose of moral.

In Sachsenring crossed the goal line tight with McPhee, after having fought against six other drivers, in the twenty-fourth position.

Ana Carrasco: I have gone well, but they have closed me under braking and I have been the last. Then I started to climb and when I've put the first group the rear tire started to lose performance and end Loi overtook me. I would've had a good, We have done a lot of overtaking and, although 27 laps the race seemed very long, eventually made me short. I'm happy holidays, because we finished another race and gained more experience.

Published 15/07/2013

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Photographer: David Clares


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