Ana Carrasco and another tough weekend

Ana Carrasco y otro duro fin de semana

The pilot RW Racing ended the twenty-third in the newly released Circuit Termas de Rio Hondo.

The World Championship again this weekend to Argentine territory. A new circuit for everyone, where upon arrival Carrasco much hope.

In the early stages of training on Friday, Murcia saw the top fifteen, but as rivals recognized the circuit was losing positions. El sábado finalizaría el cronometrado consiguiendo la vigésimo octava plaza de la parrilla.

Once in career, performing a good start with a winning position, but when marching twenty-fifth he found Ramos, with whom she starred in a constant struggle overtaking, something only did delay it. After obtaining leave behind Ramos began to set a good pace, until the group ahead of him, where he fought to the end to be twenty. Finally saw the checkered flag in twenty-third position.

The next race this weekend and quarrel at home, Sherry. See if that gives Mother a push and see it in the points.

Ana Carrasco: Hice una buena salida y ganamos alguna posición, but it took me too long to find the rhythm, so I lost the connection to the group. A final de carrera estaba luchando por la vigésima plaza, when suddenly, Kornfeil me golpeó y casi me envía fuera. No estoy contenta con el resultado. The race and the battles have been good, but overall my pace was too slow and too far. Luckily the opportunity to improve is not too far. Now we have to think in Jerez.

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