Ana Carrasco and difficulties in Mugello

Ana Carrasco y las dificultades de Mugello

Ana Carrasco finished in the twenty-sixth, after struggling throughout the race to defend the position.

This weekend the world came to Italy, Mugello, where the first days of training were cold and rainy.

On Friday Ana rolled water well, but once dried the track reached him complications. The circuit choked and was classified with his worst grid position, thirty-second.

In career Ana led a small group with two pilots more, in the end he was alone with Watanabe, with whom he fought throughout the race to defend the position. Finally finished in the twenty-sixth.

Ana Carrasco: I finished another race and that's the most important thing because I have accumulated much experience in a very complicated circuit. We only need to find a better set-up to improve on some points. On Tuesday we were to train and hopefully working with the team we can find something positive. The circuit is very technical and it always costs a lot to the new pilots. The next race is at home, so there I hope to take another step forward.

Published 02/06/2013

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