Ana Carrasco traced back at Silverstone

Murcia again made a comeback of those to which we are accustomed, going from the 30th to the 22nd place.

The history of each race Mother GP repeats after GP. The pilot Team Calvo, always does a great job in training, something that is very clear, This weekend marked in FP1 a record of 2'19.799, FP2: 2’18.754, FP3: 2'17 .339 Progress more than a second training, but on reaching the qualifying, only improved three tenths (2’17.049) that carried out from 30th on the grid and not that he could go faster, since in race lapped in 2'16.676.

In the race more of the same, making a delivery in maintaining the position, is positioned closing the group, starts to fight back to back and just standing group leader. Today after a long dispute ended 22nd.

So far world, Ana has made clear that the day I get to have a good Saturday, we will see easily in points.

Ana Carrasco: I think we've done a good race and we have overcome many positions, in a very fast group and I have even been able to lower the time of the timed. The group had quite controlled, but it has fallen a pilot before and I've lost some contact with the front. That part I'm happy, but I rage again yesterday could not qualify in the position to be. We must improve and find a way to jump on Saturdays to start a little later.

Published 1/09/2013

Female Motorcycle

Photographer: David Clares

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