Ana Carrasco sum experience in the GP of Australia

Ana Carrasco suma experiencia en el GP de Australia

The pilot of Team Calvo made some historical timed getting the second best grid position of a woman. He made a good start to the race and slowly began to fall until the end of the nineteenth.

After the brilliant weekend Malaysia, Mother and the world came to the beautiful circuit Phillip Island in Australia.

In FP1 and FP2 rolled in good times, ranking among the top fifteen. He finished the eighteenth day. It was on Saturday QP when Murcia again revolutionize the paddock getting seventh place on the grid and setting a time that left only to 2 tenths of a teammate Maverick Viñales, who started from fourth place.

After Murcia off the lights off like a shot and placed fifth, position that left during the early laps. He was losing positions to be reached by the second group, where it seemed he wanted to fight but could not. He crossed the finish line ninth tenth.

Ana Carrasco: I have gone very well and although the rate was very high, I was comfortable and felt I could be with them. But from the fifth lap or so, the tire suddenly dropped. I do not know if it was defective or had not properly tuning, but over the weekend I had not had any problems and has been on the run. I started filming a slower second half, I have taken and I could not defend myself. But we have shown that we can be in front and that motivates me for the next.

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