Ana Carrasco leaves the ground at the first home race

Ana Carrasco se va la suelo en la primera carrera de casa

The pilot of Team Calvo went to the ground unable to avoid ramming with driver ahead of him, who had stopped her bike.

The Circuito de Jerez has hosted this weekend the third round of the World. The first World Cup race home to Ana Carrasco.

On the day of Friday practice, Murcia improved training of the first to the second, but the problems of grip on his bike not placed where it could be.

In the timed Saturday, these problems persisted grip and Ana does not quite unimpressed with the result. Finally come out in twenty-fourth place on the grid, equaling the position from which it departed in Qatar.

After the starting gun, Carrasco first crossed the goal line twenty third. The following laps rolled leading a group of five riders. After some falls and when Ana got his best pace, rolling faster than in training and in seventeenth position, he went down. The pilot who preceded him, suffered a mechanical failure that left him standing. For the pilot was impossible not collide and both were down. Fortunately they have not suffered serious consequences

A very eventful race that did not reach full, since after the accident the French Alan Techer, who was taken to hospital due to a small memory leak, the red flag is cleared. The race was taken for completion and teammate Ana, Maverick Viñales, it rose to victory.

The próxima Le Mans, con Ana más motivada tras la gran lucha de hoy.

Ana Carrasco: It was very close to the points and had rolled very fast, but in practice and that way I'm very happy. I was saving it for the end when falling over tires, but the front driver has been stopped and I could not avoid hitting him. I hope it's the first and last fall this year, but that's racing. In Le Mans I will get stronger because today I saw that I can be there. I congratulate him on his victory Maverick has been very well deserved.

Published 05/05/2013

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Photos: David Clares

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