Ana Carrasco makes a great weekend with unfair result

Ana Carrasco realiza un gran fin de semana con resultado injusto

The pilot starred Team Calvo what have been your best day test of the season, plus a brilliant career in which points escaped him on the last lap.

The world was coming home, the Aragón circuit was a great opportunity for Ana Carrasco demonstrate what you have learned so far.

On the day of Friday practice did brilliantly, getting a position 14th in the morning and afternoon 19th. On Saturday the track was patchy because of the rainfall the night before and the first training to no avail. In the second lap Mother He made an amazing lap time down to almost a second, a time that placed him in 16th place on the grid, the best position it had achieved so far. That which had been looking for all season, get a good square on Saturday, to make a good race Sunday, got it home, in Motorland.

On Sunday ripped safely and protected their place in the first round, later was relegated to 17th place where he stood with a group of five riders. He fought almost the entire race with Livio Loi and after twelve laps, began to gain positions until three laps to be placed in the points, 15ª. He fought bravely group, but on the last lap, all went to look for precious points and Mother wrong, crossed the finish line 20th.

Mother He is doing a great world, always fight to the finish, has not fallen in any race, except Sherry by a lance career. This weekend was the weekend, but luck did not accompany. There are four races, only know the Circuit de Valencia, I hope there luck will of the prize it deserves.

Ana Carrasco: I'm happy with how it has gone for the weekend but not with the outcome of the race. Out better than ever, I had my first point in hand and have been fighting in a group of several riders to finish. In the latest attack was unclear where, but they have brought me out of the line and I could not do anything. But there are four more runs and I'm not giving up, clear to me that I get and I will fight to stop for it. I want to thank the team and all the fans for their support.

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Photographer: David Clares

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