Ana Carrasco presents Battle at the GP of Catalunya

Ana Carrasco presenta batalla en el GP de Catalunya

Murcia has spent more than half the race fighting with Baldassarri, once he escaped, He fought with the group running twenty-second.

This weekend Ana Carrasco to the second world finals faced at home, stage, Circuit of Catalonia.

As every weekend, every time you leave the track gets better, but in the World there are many levels and that improvement should be faster. Ana has sufficient quality, but his inexperience in knowing put the bike ready in such a short period, make out from far back on the grid. Saturday is classified in the twenty eighth place.

After the lights go off made a good start and the first step finish line, twenty-fifth was. A small group of five riders who got separated formed, taking with her Baldassarri. The Italian bothered for much of the race. The constant overtaking and the fight that kept made Ana began to distance with the previous group. In the thirteenth rotation, he got rid of him and setting your own pace reached the group. A hotly contested final which came rolling in the nineteenth position, but he ended the twenty-second.

Ana is aware of where to improve and is putting all his effort into it. Points are secondary, There are many drivers who in his early years not rated, so we must learn and learn.

Ana Carrasco: I'm happy with the race because I improved training time and overall I rode pretty fast. We have assembled the engine I used in Mugello and I do not know if you have had any problems, but it did not work as it should. It has also been lacking a little grip in the rear tire, but I had so much fun fighting . Despite the problems we have gone faster, but as I've said many times, we need to improve on Saturdays, to do better on Sunday.

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Photos: David Clares

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