Ana Carrasco puts remedy to a difficult weekend in Japan

Ana Carrasco pone remedio a un complicado fin de semana en Japón

Although the three free practice was canceled, dispute the QP in the rain without ever shot in the circuit Motegui, well out in 35th and last place, Ana Carrasco finished eighteenth in the Japanese GP.

The Asian tour ended this weekend in the Circuit Motegui, Japan, where there were tornado.

On Friday free practice was canceled due to heavy fog that filled the layout and Saturday was not much better. Mother I had to face the timed without ever filmed earlier in Motegui, but if the thing was difficult, the rain a bit more complicated and pilot Team Calvo could not be classified, but have one more chance in the warm up, that because of the weather became more training. He did his job and set a good record that allowed him to be grilled since the last square, 35ª.

Once the race and the first round disputed, and marched 24th. It got stuck in a group in which increasingly standing in front trimmed distances with the previous pilot, but the group did not let her pull and had a hard time getting rid of them. After a great comeback, because if it is true there were many falls, nine to be exact, but only four of them fell ahead, finalizó décimo octava, tracing a total of thirteen positions, a whole merit for the few miles made in drawing.

Ana Carrasco: I am very happy with the race because I left I finished 35th and 18th. I was able to overcome many positions although the bike has not finished going well because we lacked time to work and make it point. The race was a bit blind and has not gone wrong, so I'm satisfied. It has been a very difficult weekend for all, but especially for new. In these three races I've learned a lot and I hope to ride fast in Valencia and be where I wanna be.

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