Ana Carrasco “I like being the Bala Rosa”

Ana Carrasco "Me gusta ser la Bala Rosa"

Murcia Ana Carrasco is a fifteen year old who has been giving long war in the world of motorcycling. The pilot champion Extremadura Speed ​​Championship proclaimed in 2009 and last year getting fourth place in the Mediterranean Speed ​​Championship and fifth in Motodes. This year we fighting in Spain Speed ​​Championship. Everything began when at the age of one year, Cehegín stole the bike to his sister…..

M.F: ¿Cuántas motos has tenido? There is silence….

A.C: Diez, but I keep the best memory is my Metrakit of 70c.c.

M.F: ¿Con qué edad participas en tu primera carrera?

A.C: A los cuatro años

M.F: ¿Qué es lo que más recuerdas de aquel día?

A.C: The insistence of my parents, did not want to run, had just turned four years, It was the smallest of the grid. I was last

M.F: What is your favorite circuit?

A.C: Montmelo

M.F: ¿Qué entrenamiento físico haces?

A.C: Hago deporte todos los días, I alternate between swimming, spinning and jogging

M.F: Do you train with bike?

A.C: Yes, I have a supermotard and Kar with whom I go to a nearby circuit my people

M.F: What were your first impressions of the CEV?

A.C: Somewhat complicated, there are many levels, but I know that I can be more forward

M.F: In one word, define your career in Jerez

A.C: Difficult

M.F: ¿Crees que puede subir al podio est temporada? Ana replied flatly

A.C: Yes

M.F: What can you tell us the Aprilia RSA?

A.C: It is a very different bike all I ever had, It is a motorcycle world. It is very fast, I was surprised that it is manageable, because I could just train with her and thought it would cost me more adapt. I am very happy with the Aprilia

M.F: El rosa de tu moto es por……, because you like the pink, by Hype (sponsor) or it sees you on track. (Ana smiles)

A.C: Es una forma de hacerme ver, it is also one of the representative colors of my sponsor

M.F: ¿Te gusta ser la Bala Rosa?

A.C: Yes. It was in Jerez, one of my mechanics told me, because he previously worked with Derbi, Balas Rojas calls and from there the nickname has become popular

M.F: For pilot girls can succeed tomorrow, What you think is best option, make a national women's championship or compete with boys?

A.C: Competir con chicos, because the challenge is more difficult, physical conditions, willy-nilly, are not the same.

M.F: What would you say to all those aficionasdas engine, do not dare to take the step to compete?

A.C: Que si les gusta este mundo, they try, are all initially slow, but based training you can get up.

We had the opportunity to talk to the father of Anne

M.F: ¿Qué piensas el día que tu hija le roba la moto a su hermana?

Sr. Carrasco: Pues con tan sólo un año que tenía, you're going to think, because he just wants to play, but as time went, you begin to realize that she did not take it as a game.

M.F: ¿Qué ocurre el día que tu hija te diceDad, I want to be a pilot”?

Sr. Carrasco: En aquel momento estaba a punto de cumplir cuatro años y por supueso que le dijimos que no, but the cries were happening day after day, the situation was unbearable and she was so clear what he wanted had no choice but to give. It's a strange feeling, because they constantly fear for the health of your child, yet satisfy you because you look happy and that is very important to us.

We could not end this interview without talking to Juan Llançà, one of those responsible for Jorge Lorenzo got his world title

M.F: ¿Cómo es eso de trabajar con una chica?

J.LL: It is another driver more, work is exactly the same

M.F: ¿Cuál es el problema por el que a la mujer le cuesta tanto introducirse en este mundo?

J.LL: Basically it is a matter of education, is what we have been taught. Children are often thugs, who throw stones, wounds are made and play cars. Girls are more delicate and play other things. This is a topic that is only in our power, all depends on how we educate our children and thereafter, pilots, parents, sponsor teams and also change their mindset.

Ana is a girl powerfully built, his face conveys sweetness and security has in itself is overwhelming. It has been a pleasure for me to deal with it, I'm already looking forward to see her again at Montmelo.

Published 12/05/2011

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