Ana Carrasco, largely absent

Ana Carrasco, la gran ausente

Murcia ends the season and see the last four races from the couch at home.

Although last season Mother did their best results from the Asian tour, despite being the woman with more GGPP Matches, 31 in total, and despite being the youngest woman to participate in a World, will not end the season 2014, but not all bad news for the Cehegín, and that next season will continue in the Enrolled in the world Team Boe41 Racing on a KTM. For all this, we talked to Mother, both past and future.

MF: What were the reasons why you do not will finish the season with the RW Racing GP?

AC: Me he visto obligada a bajarme de la moto porque han habido varios sponsors que no han cumplido el acuerdo que teníamos, Shame.

MF: Te hemos escuchado alguna vez que ni el equipo, or the bike, meet your expectations What went wrong?

AC: Well there are several things that have affected, from lack of adaptation to the team and the bike, to the lack of having more money to have done tests, with whom he had managed to find insurance more comfortable with the bike and thus being more competitive.

MF: Where does the strength and enthusiasm pulls out to get back on track race after race, knowing that your chances were minimal?

AC: A día de hoy ya me considero un piloto profesional y tengo claro que todos los años no van a venir las cosas de cara. The world is very difficult and you have to meet many conditions to be ahead, but if you can not by circumstances that are, pilot I have to always give one hundred percent.

MF: We saw you back, far behind, but fighting at every turn as if the podium is involved What goes through your mind in these difficult times?

AC: As I said earlier my duty to always give one hundred percent, so the only thing that goes through my mind is working every day to be better driver and try to finish all races ahead as much as possible.

MF: Was this the hardest season of your career?

AC: Definitely yes, ha sido una temporada muy difícil desde el principio.

MF: You always have to make something good out of the experiences we How you stay?

AC: Pues he ganado muchísimo en experiencia. En cada carrera aprendes y eso ha hecho que crezca como piloto.

MF: Not all bad news, next year you will continue in World, you enrolled in Boe41 Racing Team How do you feel?

AC: Estoy muy contenta por tener la posibilidad de poder estar el año que viene en el equipo Boe41 Racing, because I think that is a great team.

MF: Do you think we can have the best version of Ana Carrasco in 2015?

AC: Ya me estoy preparando para la temporada 2015 looking forward, to do my best, for me and for all the people who trust me and support me.

MF: All indications are that your friend María Herrera will jump to next season and World shall return together to make history for women's motorcycling and Spanish, since there has never been two females contesting an entire season. Plus she Honda and your KTM. Unfortunately, much journalism will focus your results in anything amongst yourselves Ready to pressure?

AC: Me parece muy bien que María tenga su oportunidad en el mundial porque se lo merece y para mi siempre ha sido y es un piloto más. I understand that the press has to do his job and I have mine, therefore this is not extra pressure for me.

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