Ana Carrasco finished nineteenth in the French GP

 Ana Carrasco finaliza decimonovena en el GP de Francia

The pilot of Team Calvo gets the nineteenth position in a difficult race for the state track.

The World has come this weekend at Le Mans Bugatti Circuit. A circuit in which the races of the world often occur in wet.

On the day of free, Ana enjoyed the first training progressed to the second, but just before this winding, I was not raining and got placed up.

In the qualifying I was doing great, but on the last lap, when he came to mark his own lap a pilot he hindered and ended departing from the twenty-fourth on the grid with a time of 1'46″5.

In the race, The rain did not present, but the condition of the asphalt was critical. In the first step finish line, Ana was twenty-sixth and even fell as the twenty-ninth place. He rolled Group, struggling to move forward while defending the position. Finally pace and falling over the lead to the nineteenth Square, where in the last lap he fought until the last meter to get the eighteenth position, but could not be.

Carrasco ends nineteenth, her best World Cup result. Step by step Ana gets closer to the site where it should be.

Ana Carrasco: Today I am pleased yes. At the beginning of the race I lost many positions because the track was very wet and had no feeling with the bike, but then I started to recover and I rode with good pace and recovered positions. Lástima que cuando he cogido al piloto que me precedía unos segundos por delante, I was not much tire and I could not pass. But I'm happy, a race more and more experience

Published 19/05/2013

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Photos: David Clares


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