Ana Carrasco finished nineteenth in the San Marino GP

Ana Carrasco finaliza décimo novena en el GP de San Marino

The Team pilot nineteenth Calvo just one of the most comfortable races he has played so far.

The world came this weekend to Circuit Marco Simoncelli, en Italy.

The days of free and timed workouts were as usual, He failed to qualify that a little bit later on grill. Started from the twenty-eighth.

The race start was lasted, was placed in the middle of a group of seven riders and was going up to lead the group, but this time the Murcia managed to open space and roll, the last third of the race, solo,crossing the finish line in a great nineteenth Square.

The next race takes place in Motorland, where Mother will form grill Maria Herrera, who dispute the race as wild card. A historic weekend as it will be the first time that two women form a worldwide grid.

Ana Carrasco: I'm happy because I think we've done a good race and especially with great pace. At first it took me a little because there was a great place to spend those carried forward, but when I succeeded, I started to go faster, I've left behind and get to the next group has been impossible. Every time we go faster and now comes Motorland, know the track well and I hope we have a little more luck getting out to give everything.

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Photos: David Clares


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