Ana Carrasco efforts until the last corner at Jerez

Ana Carrasco esforzándose hasta la última curva en Jerez

The pilot RW Racing again go through another tough weekend in which he was the first house.

The World Championship has come this weekend to Europe and how usual, responsible for opening the European leg was Jerez Cadiz, where high temperatures have starred.

Ana Carrasco Spanish came to the first meeting with the hope of changing the poor run of results achieved since the beginning of season, but the truth was that the Murcia began Friday wrong foot, finishing in the 34th and 33rd. On Saturday evolved and every outing made him better and be faster, but their efforts were not enough to stand out from the last places. At the end in the closing stages of qualifying practice, gritted his teeth and took a turn that placed 28th on the grid.

If the weekend had been complicated, a bad start it a bit more complicated, seeing relegated to 31st place. He rolled entire career fighting in a foursome, I was helped by numerous falls and who were found to limit fighting for 23rd place. A place that would eventually win Mother.

Ana Carrasco: No he salido bien y he perdido algunas posiciones, This has been quite frustrating. I lost the connection with the group and I could not do much about it. In this situation there is only trying to do my best and fight. That's what I done and was worth. The position is a bit disappointing, but I feel good to have won the battle.

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