Ana Carrasco gets the best result of the season

Ana Carrasco consigue el mejor resultado de la temporada

The pilot just twenty-RW Racing, marking his best result of the season and an improvement on the GP of Italy 2013.

The World Championship came this weekend spectacular circuit Mugello. A path that last year was a real headache for Ana Carrasco.

The weekend followed the same course as in previous GGPP. A very difficult Friday and Saturday where there had just left things as they should. Were classified thirty-second grid.

After the starting gun, Mother It started well gaining positions and reaching the top twenty sixth curves, although the first turn was at the end of the twenty-ninth. When leaving twenty-eighth he found Livio Loi, with whom he maintained an intense battle throughout the race. Meanwhile I overtaking, the front group got away and eventually multiple falls benefited them. Ana saw the checkered flag in twentieth position.

This is the best result achieved Murcia this season, where he has improved six positions on the GP of Italy 2013. The next race, It takes place in the Circuit-Barcelona Catalonia, a path that Mother loves, hopefully that will serve to take another small step forward.

Ana Carrasco: “What career! It was a great battle with Loi and I have spent great. Unfortunately we missed the group before us. He hecho una buena salida y he ganado cinco posiciones en la primera vuelta. We moved up to 23º-24º and we finished fighting for 19th, con un montón de adelantamientos en la última vuelta. Estoy contenta con la carrera. I won 13 positions and have had the opportunity to fight all the time with a good beat , being almost the entire race fastest in practice. Clearly we have to work on that, to be further up the grid and be in a better position to fight for points.”

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