Ana Carrasco gets the best result of the season in Indianapolis

Murcia staged a great battle throughout the race, ending in seventeenth position. The best result achieved so far.

The summer break for Ana Carrasco just last week when the pilot made towards Indianapolis to dispute the tenth GP, for her ninth, since the category of Moto3 not travel to Laguna Seca.

The arrival at the American track was not good, the first free Friday he went to the ground, without physical damage, but had to take for lost training. In the afternoon it improved slightly, but the mechanical consequences of the fall was noted in other workouts, where Mother he found many problems with the gearbox. On Saturday I did not get a good result and came 31st, but it improved his own time.

Once grid, Mother It was back to the usual story, misclassification that made her leave far behind, would force him to fight for comeback.

In the first lap I was 30th and closed the tail group consisting of ten drivers. Of the Team Calvo he started his own battle. As fall and dropouts occurred, up to twelve riders were left out of the race, She picked up more strength to fight. The group was formed by a total of six drivers, It was a hotly contested race, because no one wanted to be the last, points were unreachable, but Mother their leader wanted to cross the finish line group and did so, giving everything to the last curve, Carrasco got the time that is, her best World Cup result, one 17th place.

Ana Carrasco: I'm happy, because this weekend was the worst so far by the problems we've had and in the end we achieved the best result so far this season. The team worked very well, from the beginning I felt very comfortable with the bike and I rode faster than in training. I finished first in the group that was and this gives me motivation for the next races. The most important thing is to finish and today we've been close to the points.

Published 19/08/2013

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