Amparo Rios takes the victory at Motorland

Amparo Ríos se lleva la victoria en Motorland

El fin de semana pasado se disputó la tercera prueba del campeonato de velocidad de féminas en el nuevo trazado aragonés. Como ya ocurrió en Castellolí las chicas tuvieron que rodar junto a las categorías de extreme y promoción SSP debido a que tan solo seis pilotos formaban la parrilla.

The first classified has been Amparo Rios with a fastest lap of 2:12.436. In second position entered Sandra Denise Jones and third was Noelia Lorenzo.

Noelia still maintains the lead with sixty three points, his pursuer Amparo Rios is thirteen points.

The championship danger, He was not about to start, but in the end the enrollment of ten riders was achieved, Nine is the minimum. These two Articles & Race pilot shortage grid suggests that next year the first and only championship speed to women disappear and with it the opportunity to get a championship conditions. Shame.

Published 25/06/2010

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