Álvaro Bautista: ” The evolution of women in motorcycling is very slow compared to other sports”

Álvaro Bautista: " La evolución de la mujer en el motociclismo es muy lenta comparándolo con otros deportes"

Álvaro Bautista is a regular at the CEV. The pilot has “apadrinados” Daniel Saez and Maria Herrera. We took advantage of their presence in the championship so we talked a little Mary and her relationship with her.

MF: How the close relationship you have with Mary emerges?

A. Baptist: I know Mary before birth. The relationship began many years ago with Antonio Herrera, his father. It was he who taught me to draw when I was in minimoto. Let me roll on a circuit he owned that was very close to my home, You could say that is the “guilty” that I started in the world of racing. Once born Mary and saw his passion for motorcycles, I who decided to accompany her on the path that I had previously accompanied his father.

MF: In which the work is based with Mary?

A. Baptist: Well I give all the advice I can. We work on a physical level with motocross bike and some supermotard to drawn. I help with the approach of career and situations that you found. But the truth is I think Mary is very talented and really need a few tips.

MF: What would you highlight of Mary as a pilot?

A. Baptist: Mary is a fine pilot, makes a clean track drawing drawn well and flushing the bike. It is very consistent and makes few errors. Mary is like a sponge, rapidly absorbed all new knowledge and has the ability to quickly put into practice. Have a great virtue, likes to learn.

MF: How do you see the evolution of women within the world of motorcycles?

A. Baptist: The evolution is very slow compared to other sports. Although there are people who consider a male sport, something that I do not agree, hopefully with Ana Carrasco in the World and Mary winning races in the CEV serve icon, quarry begins to form more and more opportunities for women Salgán way onto the world of moto.

MF: For or against a women's championship?

A. Baptist: I am against. Motorcycle racing, are racing bikes and can be shared grilled perfectly, are just the ones who have to believe.

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