Alessia Polita “Do not move the legs, but I want to re-run”

Alessia Polita "No muevo las piernas, pero quiero volver a correr"

First statements of the Italian rider and reasons of the accident.

After the hell I lived these days, Alessia is optimistic and not throw in the towel, something that shows great courage and courage in their statements.

“Do not move your legs, but I still want to run”

Words of Giancarlo Polita, father of the pilot, could be seen in their statements that it is possible that the Italian undergo surgery again.

“Alessia has been subjected to an intervention by the alignment of the spine that went well and we do not know if there will be other operations. The paralysis seems safe and the doctors did not give us hope “

As declared by Mr.. Polita the accident occurred when breaking the electronic power control. I leave the statement in Italian.

“It was the breaking of the strengthening of the acceleration control, an electronic system. The slopes today are very safe, was a fatality”

A story that I think is the best that has been published these days, aunque los médicos no tienen esperanzas, Alessia feels strong and eager to fight.

Force Alessia!! We're with you!

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