Aida Castro, the future of women enduro

Aida Castro, el futuro del enduro femenino

Aida Castro, with only 13 years old, has accumulated this season a total of four titles and a runner enduro.

Clearly Aida is going strong in the off road, because despite his passion is enduro, of Granollers also shown skillful in modalities such as motocross.

Last season he won the Children Enduro Championships Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain, also proclaimed Champion of Catalunya in Enducross and Runners de Catalunya in Enduradas.

Let us know a little more.

MF: At what age did you raise for the first time on a bike?

AC: The first time I took a motorbike was with 4 years old. It was an electric bike, they gave me for my birthday, I loved, I was always climb on it, me divertía mucho.

MF: When, where and why you begin to compete?

AC: I am lucky that at home, both my father and my mother are passionate about mountain bike so initiate me into this world was not complicated. My first career was with 7 years in the Catalan Championship in Amposta, a fun and not very complicated circuit. That day was very nervous, there were many people and was afraid, but give the output I liberated. I left full and I did everything I could to get it right. I did not get a bad result for the first time.

MF: How did you feel the first time?

AC: Once I realized I did not have to be afraid, if the throttle and enjoy, to overcome fear and nerves, I began to enjoy myself very well.

MF: What modalities that practice is the one you like?

AC: Clearly, Enduro. I love going through the woods doing uploaded, downs or extreme. You put strong, it is also the mode that best gives me. I like motocross, because I amuse myself by jumping and I have so much fun competing, but I get really nervous and it takes a lot more focus.

MF: For whom is formed your team?

AC: The team is more familiar, but count using JRB and the support of the Farm L'Atmella.

MF: Did you ever have felt rejected as girl?

AC: I have always felt very supported, but sometimes you find typical that when you go ahead and realize that I am a girl, is set to wheel. Some do not take well to win, but I do not care, problem is more of them.

MF: Would you rather compete only with girls? Why?

AC: No, because the kids learn a lot and there are no many girls as to form a grid with which you can really measure. In a mixed championship more people who compete.

MF: Have you marked a goal in the sport?

AC: If enough, but the most important for me is to be somebody in this world, be as great Laia Sanz is my dream.

MF: What are your plans for 2015?

AC: Good, we will be present in various forms. We will do some motocross race without neglecting the enduro. The goal would be to defend the titles won in 2014 and go for the Championship of Catalonia Enduradas, where in 2014, being the first time all season quarreled, I could get a second place, so this year we must win.

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  1. Va aida tu puedes ser como laia sanz
    tambien és my sueño ser como laia sanz

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