Agnes Muriel Price, the first female pilot

Agnes Muriel Hind, la primera piloto femenina

Agnes Muriel Hind said in the first decade of the year 1900, supposedly being the first woman in Britain to own and drive a motorcycle, and shortly thereafter, to compete in national tests and motorcycle racing with great success, and often leaving in the shadow of their male rivals.

Born in 1882. His enthusiasm for motorsport during their teenage years made increasingly look more interested in participating in races. He created using a very feminine style clothing for motorcycling.

Although it was unheard of for women, Price se convirtió en miembro del “Motor Cycling Club” early 1905 and in October of that year he got involved in the “Albert Brown Trophy”. Incredibly, for their participation had to sign a certificate pledging to lose to RM. Brice, who at the time headed the General. 1906 began to arrive at a series of hits including a Gold Medal in the 24 Hours from London to Edinburgh organized by the Automobile Club Cycle, seguido de una Medalla de Bronce los Six-Day Run desde Land’s End a John o’ Groats.

These results made it became the first female pilot tester for the automotive press and with this came the interest of Rex Motor Manufacturing Co, who were keen to make a bike aimed at women. With this union, in 1907, Agnes Hind created his first design, la “Blue Devil”. In 1910 He began writing a column The Lady Motorcyclistfrom which was dedicated to fometar motorcycling among women.

In 1931 Muriel became the first woman to be elected a life member of the “Association of Pioneer Motor Cyclist”, and 1950 , He became an honorary life member of “Motor Cycle Club”. Agnes Muriel Hind murió en 1956 a la edad de 74años.

Female Motocilcismo

Source: Coventry Transport Museum


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